Happy New Year everyone! I’ve finally set up a page here on the website where you can view and purchase limited edition pieces to display in your home or place of business. I will periodically add pieces to the page, and they will remain listed until they sell out.

I will be offering pieces on different types of materials (metal, acrylic, wood, canvas, glass, fine art paper). That all depends on the nature of the images and what I think would be best. The first three pieces are up on the Artwork for Sale page. Take a look… Maybe they would look great on your wall.
Rockstar Photos

Here’s an example of what my first group of pieces would look like above a large sofa. These are all high gloss images, printed on aluminum sheet and hung with a 3’4″ float mount which is included on all aluminum pieces.


Thanks for looking, and I hope you come back soon and often to see what I’ve been up to…