Two years ago I had a chance to shoot Twenty One Pilots for Live Nation. At that point I had never heard of them, but it was a fun show to shoot. After shooting the first three songs from the pit, I was permitted to shoot the rest of the show from anywhere in the house. This made for some cool shots of the lead singer leaping off of the upright piano, and the drummer crowd surfing while playing a drum kit on a small platform.


Fast forward two years and the same band sold out Stage AE’s outdoor venue 5,000+ and the rules have changed. Only the first three songs could be photographed. No photos from anywhere after the first three, and the lighting was the most difficult I have encountered. Imagine aiming a camera at oncoming traffic with headlights glaring at you, and trying to make out your subject standing in front of the traffic. Regardless of the shooting difficulty, they still put on an awesome show. Check out the photos below.




A handful of the 5,000+ fans in attendance made sure that they would be standing in the front row. Here are some photos of the diehard Twenty One Pilots fans that camped out as long as 48 hours prior to the doors opening. Now that’s dedication.



Thanks for looking… Come back soon to see photos from another sold out show at Stage AE . . .