Another Great Concert to Shoot: Stone Temple Pilots

So I get the email from the radio station around 11:30 am  the day of the show…. “We can send one photographer to shoot STP, are you in? “

“You bet I’m in !!! “

I hadn’t seen Stone Temple Pilots since they played the Rolling Rock Town Fair at the Westmoreland county Fairgrounds in August of 2001. It was a treat to be able to stand in the pit in front of the stage during the first three songs. And even better to be able to photograph the show…



Ben Zelico – Jetstream





The crowd was a good size for a show in the middle of the week.There were two opening acts on the main stage as well as another two local acts that played the second stage. The first to hit the main stage was a Los Angeles, CA band called Jetstream… They played a really good set of straight-up Rock…  The second act was a band called Rose Hill Drive from Boulder, CO. They also played a great set of music that got the crowd pumped up and ready for STP . . .




As the sun set the crowd pushed closer toward the stage in anticipation of STP’s arrival on stage. I was tucked safely in between the crowd and the stage in one of the widest pits I’ve ever seen. It had to be a good twelve feet wide.



I’m sure the photos will be up on the 105.9 the X website soon, but I wanted to share some of them now. Just go to my Stone Temple Pilots gallery and check them out. I hope it’s not another ten years until I see these guys again.


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