Splawn Amplifiers: Paul Terry


I told you that I would be posting again very soon…

In keeping with the whole Long Time Divided subject from last night’s post, this one is showing off a few shots that I did for the band’s guitarist Paul Terry. Paul just received an endorsement from Splawn Amplification and booked me to come out and take a few shots of him with his new amplifier.  From what I understand, these amps are all hand-built in North Carolina and sound absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to hear him playing it on November 10th at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe, the band’s CD release show…


Here are a few of the shots that we liked

The funny thing about this shoot was that we did it outdoors on my white seamless background. There wasn’t any room indoors for a 9′ wide roll of paper. So we set up a flash on the background in an umbrella and another one at about a 45 degree angle to camera left and fired away. Paul was pleased with the shots and I’m pretty sure the guys at Splawn will like them as well.

Here’s one that we did just for laughs


The posting doesn’t stop here.

Come back again in the next day or so for something not related to bands or musicians . . .

Well . . .    That’s not entirely true. You’ll have to come back to find out what I mean.

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