If you have stopped by here in the last three months, you may have wondered if I had abandoned the website. Neglected maybe, but not abandoned. I have been busy doing the rockstar thing. Taking rockstar photos that is, both on and off stage. Since the previous post on the blog I have photographed about thirty bands, two weddings and a few other jobs. In just the last seven days I shot ten bands on stage. I guess you could say that “concert season” is in full swing. I just wanted to drop by and explain the lack of posts, and share a few of my recent shots from various shows and shoots.

Click on each image to view a larger size


Here’s a couple from the recent Styx concert at Stage AE. These guys put on a killer show…





Here’s a cool shot of Tom from Vermithrax when they opened for Queensryche last month…




Speaking of Queensryche – Here’s a shot of lead singer Todd LaTorre…


Todd LaTorre


While we’re looking at shots from Altar Bar, here’s one from an awesome show that I shot down there…  Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein in ‘Beast Mode’


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein


Oh… I said rockstar photos “on AND off stage”….  Here’s one from a recent wedding that I photographed. The groom is an awesome guitarist for  TEN the Pearl Jam Tribute Band as well as the longtime Pittsburgh rock band Mercury…




Back to the stage…  Here’s Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale rocking Stage AE’s outdoor stage.


Lzzy Hale


And from the same concert – Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless


The Pretty Reckless


While we’re rocking female singers, here’s Maria Brink of In This Moment…


In This Moment


Guitarist Reb Beach from Winger, Night Ranger, Dokken, The Mob, Whitesnake, etc. . .


Reb Beach


Cool shot of Starset’s Ron DeChant


Ron DeChant


Back off stage we go for another wedding photo. This time we see the rockstar groom being high-fived by one of the groomsmen as he kisses his bride.


Rockstar Photos


Super sharp shot of Clutch’s Neil Fallon from just a few days ago at Stage AE


Neil Fallon


Some cool looking stage lighting at the Modest Mouse show at Stage AE…


Modest Mouse


Thanks for checking out the photos, and be sure to check back soon. I’ll try not to wait another three months before posting again.

Also coming up this summer is going to be the Coda Photography art gallery page, where you can purchase limited edition fine art prints of select images. Stay tuned….