Random Photo Post: 12-12-12

It has been quite a while since the blog was updated. But don’t think that I haven’t been busy. I’m currently working on a wedding that was shot in October as well as a few other jobs. Just the other day I was back at Stage AE after a long hiatus. The Vagrants were booked to play on stage for the Pittsburgh Steelers pre-game festivities that preceded the game against the Chargers (don’t even start about the game).

I came away with some nice shots of the band, which I will be posting here on the blog in the next day or so. Today’s “random photo” posting is a shot of two F-18 jets that flew over Heinz Field just prior to the opening kickoff. I was talking with a few people about shooting promo shots from their band when all of a sudden I heard the roar of the approaching planes. I was able to snatch up my camera, turn it on and fire of a few frames. I was at the mercy of my previous settings from when I shot the band, and was lucky enough to have been shooting at a pretty fast shutter speed. Wish I had been better prepared, but here it is.


Click to Enlarge

Check back soon for a few shots of the Vagrants, as well as a sneak peek from a wedding that I recently shot with the assistance of the very talented Charlene Potts .

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