Wow !!! De-Blurring Images in Photoshop Has Become Reality

Better get more RAM… Maybe an SSD or even a new processor for the old desktop. Adobe gave a sneak peak of the DeBlurring filter that they have been working on for a while now. As they say in the video, there’s no guarantee that this feature will ship when version CS6 is ready to go. But wouldn’t this be an awesome tool if you only had one chance to grab that special moment and totally botched the image?

I just hope that it doesn’t create a whole gang of lazy photographers that don’t try to get the shot correct in the camera as we should all be doing. But hey, maybe I can sell my 70-200 f/2.8 lens with the Vibration Reduction and get a cheaper lens without the VR… Nah, I’m sticking with what works for me. Enjoy the video….


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