A New Look For Coda Photography

I’ve decided to give the website a bit of an overhaul. After growing tired of the header and white body, I wanted to go all black. I think that this will make the photos look better, and the header won’t be taking up one third of the screen. Also, there is a new “Home” page instead of landing directly onto the blog page.

The portfolio/gallery link will be back as soon as I get everything organized. If you’re dying to look at some of my work, visit the Flickr page for now….

There may be a missing page here and there, or even a broken link or two. If you notice anything amiss, please shoot me an email so I can get to work on a fix.

Thanks again for checking out the website, and please head over to the Coda Photography Facebook page and ‘like’ the page. Tell your friends to do it too   😉