Mayhem Fest: Slayer

First Niagara PavilionWhat started out as a miserable early afternoon with the parking lots opening an hour late, and a few on-again off-again rain showers turned out to be an awesome evening. It was the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival at First Niagara Pavilion and it was full of rockstars and a little mayhem as well. Band after band took to one stage and then another. There were three stages in all, and one of the main stage’s heavy hitters was Slayer. I made my way to the stage area and waited for security to let the photographers enter the pit. There must have been twenty shooters in there, but we pretty much stayed out of each others’ way.


Here’s a few shots that I liked from their set.


 Click photos to view larger size




And here’s a shot of some concert goers who took part in the before mentioned mayhem.

I shot a total of six bands at the festival… So check back over the next few days to see some more shots.

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  1. Rich December 24, 2012 at 1:48 AM #

    Thanks T.T.
    The lighting was bright enough that I was able to use a faster than normal shutter speed and an ISO setting of either 640 or 800 for most of their set.

    Thanks for Looking

  2. T. T. Wilson December 17, 2012 at 3:21 PM #

    Great looking shots. Especially the ones of Kerry King. How do you get the shots so crisp and detailed?