Comedy that Rocks: Mark Eddie

Emcee, Frank Murgia

Comedian/musician Mark Eddie performed at the opening night of Pittsburgh’s Latitude Live which is part of the enormous entertainment complex known as Latitude 40. The club is a Vegas-style, 300 seat room with state of the art lighting and sound. It was a cold snowy night with horrible road conditions, but that didn’t stop the crowd from showing up to enjoy the show.


First to the stage was the evening’s emcee, Frank Murgia. Frank is always good at getting a crowd riled up and ready for a show.



Next up was Mike Wysocki. Mike is a seasoned veteran of the comedy circuit who a lot of Pittsburghers know from his appearances on the WDVE morning show and many clubs around town.


Mike Wysocki

After a hilarious set by Mike, it was time for the headliner. Mark Eddie came out  and put on an awesome show from start to finish. This guy can probably play just about any song you could think of  on the guitar. And on top of that he’s one funny son of a gun. Between his rendition of Dave Matthews to his Scooby Doo impersonation, Mark can crack up anyone who comes to see him.

Mark Eddie

After giving the crowd a hilarious show, Mark called upon guitarist Carlo Volhl to come to the stage and wow the crowd with his talents. They knocked out a couple of great songs to finish off an awesome evening of comedy and music.

Being that was the first show to take place at Latitude Live, it goes without saying that it was my first time being there. When the performers were under their respective spotlights, I was able to get down to ISO 250 at times. However most of the settings fell between 800 and 2000. I can’t wait to hit another show at Latitude 40. The sound is amazing, and I can live with LED lighting that is bright enough to actually shoot under.

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