Back into the Pit – Machine Head

After two months of shooting subjects other than concerts, I jumped back into the pit the other night. Machine Head was playing at Stage AE on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. There was a pretty good-sized crowd considering that it was a Tuesday evening. Metal fans don’t care if it’s a school night. If there’s a good show in town, they’ll be there….

The first two bands were Darkest Hour from D.C. and Suicide Silence from California. They both had the crowd pumped up and moshing about the entire floor with their extreme metal styles.

I didn’t have a pass for either of the openers, so no photos of the opening acts. After the crowd got a short breather it was time for headlining act Machine Head to hit the stage….



After being at it for about 20 years, these guys are still rockin’. The lighting for the show was not what a photographer would consider ideal conditions. Like most metal bands, they had a huge amount of back-lighting and a heavy wash of RED….  I did my best to keep the red lighting under control, but alas I had to convert a few images to black & white.  Check out the gallery to see some of the photos.



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