Band Promo: Long Time Divided

Another of my recent shoots was with the band Long Time Divided from Pittsburgh, PA. They are a hard rock band that is releasing their first CD on November 10th of this year. The band wanted to have some new shots to put out with press releases about the upcoming show at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe.

In keeping with the grungy style of rock that they play, they were looking for a grungy look to the photos as well. We did the shoot at night with a couple of flashes in softboxes, and I used some grungy effects in the post-processing to give them the final look that we were looking for. These were three of their favorites from our shoot.


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To find out more about Long Time Divided, check out their Facebook page. And if you’re free on Nov. 10th, head out to the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh’s Station Square and catch yourself one helluva rock show.