I first met Lee Terbosic on Thanksgiving Eve back in 2010 while I was photographing Jimmy Krenn’s Turkey Eve Comedy Jam. There were many talented performers that took the stage that evening – such as Frank Nicotero, Scott Blasey of The Clarks, Bill Crawford, Mike Wysocki, Gene Collier and the legend himself, Jim Krenn. One other performer on the bill was comedian/magician, Lee Terbosic. A true performer, Lee worked the audience into his act both on the comedy and magic aspects of the show. I had a feeling that this wouldn’t bee the last time I would see him Perform.


Lee Terbosic

Lee Terbosic performs a “hot trick” for rock legend Donnie Iris backstage at Stage AE


Over the last six years I have photographed a number of events that Lee has worked, and have seen some mind blowing tricks. But the trick he performed yesterday in front of (or should I say “above”) thousands of spectators was definitely the best I have seen to date. Lee, a nationally touring comedian, magician is a Baldwin Borough resident, and wanted to do something huge in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Terbosic performed Harry Houdini’s famous upside-down straitjacket escape. Named the Houdini 100, the event marked 100 years to the day when Harry Houdini escaped from a straitjacket at the same spot at Liberty Avenue and Wood Street in Downtown Pittsburgh while hanging from a building. After being strapped in by former Pittsburgh Steelers Rocky Blier and Franco Harris -award-winning special make-up effects creator Tom Savini inspected the buckling job. Pittsburgh’s own Rick Sebak counted down and up went Terbosic. Instead of a building, Lee was suspended from a crane some ninety feet above the crowd. After wiggling, twisting, pulling and swaying – he pulled off the straitjacket and dropped to the street. The crowd was already cheering from the moment the crane lifted him into the sky, but let out a raucous roar as Terbosic pulled a terrible towel from his back pocket and started waving it around. The event was a huge success, and hopefully a stepping stone to even bigger things for Lee.

Check out photos from the performance below