Jim Krenn “aLive”

Last minute preparations

I had the privilege of shooting a Pittsburgh legend last Saturday night. Jim Krenn is a great comedian, radio host, and all-around great guy. A few months back Jim went off the air, and tons of Pittsburghers were both saddened and outraged. They missed his presence during the morning drive to work. Honestly, getting to the car and turning on his show was sometimes the only motivation I had to get up for work on many dreary mornings.

Well, Jim Krenn is back! Performing in front of a sold out crowd at Pittsburgh’s Byham Theater, Jim had everyone in tears with his various characters, hilarious stories and flat-out funny jokes. The laughing didn’t stop there though. This was a really big show. Jimmy had enlisted some friends to share in the side-splitting event.




Slim Forsythe

The show was opened by Slim Forsythe, the Singin’ School Bus Drivin’ Cowboy. After beltin’ out a few tunes, Slim introduced Jim for the first of his multiple turns at the mic.









Story Time

Jim hit the stage and the crowd let out a thunderous roar. For many of them, it was the first time hearing him since his departure from the morning show. He pulled out a book and told a little story that kind of explained how the character in the book found himself without the job that he held for so many years. (Honestly, it was just a coincidence)









Billy Elmer

Following Jim’s first appearance was Billy Elmer. Billy has made numerous appearances on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central, MTV and the list goes on. The crowd couldn’t stop laughing during Billy’s time on stage.










Scott Blasey

After another episode of Jimmy, Scott Blasey of the Clarks came out and performed a few songs for the crowd. He played his newest rendition of one of my all-time favorites “The Eat N Park Song”.









Frank Nicotero

Following yet another skit from Jimmy, the crowd was treated to an exciting bit from Frank Nicotero. Frank has been at it for over 20 years, appearing with the likes of Adam Sandler, Drew Carey and Rob Schneider to mention a few.









Jim with Tom Megalis

The next bit with Jim Krenn included longtime friend and funny man Tom Megalis. They were hilarious as Jim carried on conversations with a few of Tom’s many character voices.









Mark Eddie

Next up was the multi-talented Mark Eddie. Mark gave the crowd a musical treat, performing some extremely funny versions of some well known songs. He absolutely nailed the “metal face”









The final act brought Jimmy Krenn back to the stage along with a full band. They performed some of Jim’s greatest hits. Mall Guard was one of the crowd favorites, as Jim put on his thick-rimmed glasses and became Ben Klingston, Mall Guard. The show was a huge success and it could be some time before we ever see a show with that many headliners on stage in one evening.

Jim performing with the band... Check out that vertical leap!


After the show, all of the VIP ticket holders headed over to the main lobby of The Renaissance for an after-show party that went on until…. well, we’ll just say it went on after I had packed up the cameras and headed home.


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