Here’s a Few from the Zoo . . .

It’s not often that Holly and I both have the same day off of work. Well last Thursday was a rare occurrence. We were both off all day.  So we loaded up the car and took Zachary to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.  Zachary was so excited when he woke up that he wanted to skip breakfast and go out to the car.  After a little reassurance that we were going to leave as soon as breakfast was over, Zachary set a new record for downing seven mini pancakes with bananas and syrup.

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So we got to the parking lot and found a spot that would have the car  sitting in the shade by the time we would be leaving. It was a hot day, reaching about 88 degrees for the high. And what do a lot of zoo animals do during hot weather? They SLEEP! But wouldn’t you know it? The first stop we made was at the enclosure for the Snow Leopard. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they put a stuffed animal in there. The Leopard was AWAKE!  We’ve been to the zoo a handful of times in the last few years and not once have I seen the Snow Leopard do anything but sleep. So far, so good….


Next up were the Tigers. They didn’t use the same alarm clock that the Snow Leopard did. There were two tigers snoozing against the fence way back at the top of their area. We were about to move along when  we noticed the two cubs starting a little wrestling match. The cubs were also pretty far away, but luckily I still had my friend’s Nikon 80-200mm zoom lens. We swapped lenses for about a week, and this was my last day with the “Bazooka”. It’s the old push-pull zoom without VR (Nikon’s image stabilization feature). So, it was big apertures and fast shutter speeds for the day….

I won’t bore you with the entire itinerary of the day. But take a look at the other photos below. If you’re from Pittsburgh and don’t see an animal that you are used to seeing at the zoo…. They were sleeping…


As always… Thanks for looking…

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