G Love & Special Sauce @Stage AE

My first concert of 2013 was pretty cool. G Love & Special Sauce came to Pittsburgh to play at Stage AE. It had been quite a while since I shot a concert. But a few beats into the first song and I was back in the groove. And man this show had some major groove. I’ll be the first to admit that I know one G Love song, and it sounds nothing like the songs I heard at this show. These three guys had the crowd jumping from start to finish with their funky, bluesy jams.

The lighting was decent, as I never went above ISO 1600. The only complaint I had was that the band was way up at the very front of the stage with not a lot of room to move around. This caused a lot of shots in which the monitors were visible. But hey – you work with what you’re given. Check out some of the shots below…


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