The Clarks at Stage AE

Every year the band looks forward to it. Every year thousands of fans look forward to it.  It would be the big outdoor concert featuring The Clarks, which for the third year in a row has been held at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE. The weather got a little gloomy just as the gates opened, and there was a brief moment where we had some thunder and lightning. But Mother Nature was generous and spared the thousands in attendance by blowing the storms both north and south of the City.


Now rockin’ along in their 28th year, The Clarks are in the process of completing yet another album to add to their extensive catalog. The new album, Feathers & Bones will be released later this year. The band performed a bunch of crowd favorites as evidenced by a few thousand voices singing along to each song. They also brought out a few songs which will be on the new album. Another great show by a great group of entertainers.


Shooting with Nikon’s D4 allowed me to keep shutter speeds up in the 1/160 – 1/320 range with the ISO varying between 800 and a whopping 4000. Enjoy the photos…

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