Random Photo: Moody Portrait

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted here. So here’s another of my random photo posts.

I shot this photo last April and just recently decided to show it to the subject, Chris Sprowls.  Chris is a photographer and friend here in Pittsburgh. I had just started experimenting with off-camera flash at the time and thought I’d take a few shots of Chris while he was actually doing some portraits of me for an assignment at The Art Institute…



For all of you “techies” —  This image was shot with a Nikon D300s using the following settings: 1/60 sec  –  f/7.1  – ISO 200 – 120mm.
Lighting was via a Nikon SB600 speedlight at 1/4 power with a Lumiquest Softbox III triggered by an SB700 on-camera using Nikon’s CLS system.


Thanks for looking, and come back soon to see more of my work. And remember to visit all of the Coda Photography social networking links at the top right sidebar to keep up to date with new projects and images…

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