Black Veil Brides – Black Mass at Stage AE

I had the opportunity to cover the Black Veil Brides concert at Stage AE on Monday night. The festivities started long before the venue opened the doors. People started arriving and getting in line early in the morning so they could have a chance at being in the front row for the show. This isn’t unheard of for popular bands. But with the temperature hovering right around freezing and on a Monday, you had to think that this show was going to be special.

Black Veil Brides

As the clock finally struck six, the doors opened and the line which wrapped around the venue started filing in. There was a mad dash for the front rail where the first fifty or so teens and tweens staked their claim to prime spots. At 6:20pm a pair of masked DJs known as Drama Club took to the stage and blasted the room full of electronic, dance, dubstep type music. This was probably the loudest thing I have ever heard at Stage AE. Following the DJs were two other opening acts, Set It Off and Falling in Reverse.

After Falling in Reverse finished their set, the stage was prepped for Black Veil Brides. With every microphone and piece of gear that was put on stage they cheered. Any movement up there whatsoever sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy. When CC finally climbed up to his drum kit, the crowd went completely nuts. The drums sat atop a large platform that was above eight or ten Marshal speaker cabinets. CC was followed by the rest of the band and they immediately started rocking the roof off of the place.

The first song up was “I Am Bulletproof“ from their latest album Wretched and Divine. Next was “Heart of Fire”, one from their self titled album Black Veil Brides. Rounding out the first three songs was “Coffin”, from the band’s 2011 EP Rebels. The set list included a good mix of every record they released. The crowd sang along with almost every lyric of each song, and cheered loudly in between. Like most rock shows, this one included a drum solo, complete with insane flashes of light and color. Then it was back to full-band rockin’ for a few more songs. They closed the set with “Fallen Angels“ and a one-song encore of “In The End”, which was a perfect ending to an amazing show.Watching this band play, you can see how much fun they have and how much they love their job and their fans.

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Black Veil Brides Setlist



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