Black Stone Cherry – 2/6/2012 @ Stage AE

This story goes all the way back to 2004 when I was on the road with Mojo Filter. This is the band that I managed for about 5 years with pretty good local and regional success. We traveled south and west in a beat up Chevy van as a lot of bands do at one time or another. Well, sometimes it’s a Dodge or a Ford I guess. And as most beater vehicles do, ours broke down. It was the morning after the band played a show in Houston, TX. Somewhere out there, is a photo of my legs sticking out from under the van as I beat the starter with a hammer until we got it running. So we drove for eight hours to a Pep Boys in Little Rock, AR without shutting off the engine. Lucky for us we found a Pep Boys right next to a hotel since we couldn’t get an appointment until the next morning.

So here is where the story is going…..  After getting the starter replaced, we headed northeast for another seven hours or so until we hit the town of Edmonton, KY. This is where we rolled up to the home of Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters. To make a long story short, a good friend of the band grew up in the area and knows the Young family very well. She set up our meeting while we were somewhere between Baton Rouge and Shreveport, LA earlier in the week. When we went into the house and met Richard, he introduced us to his son John Fred.


If I remember correctly, John Fred had just had either his tonsils or wisdom teeth removed and wasn’t very talkative. Richard told us about his Son’s band and that they were about to start touring. The name of the band…. Black Stone Cherry. That same evening I got to drink a few beers at the Headhunters’ famous “practice house”, as well as check out a Grammy Award up close, and listen to a voice message to Richard from none other than Kid Rock. It was a very interesting night.


So…. When I heard that the band was coming to Pittsburgh, I just had to see them. I’ve listened to their brand of hard hitting American Rock for the last six years. And when I say hard hitting, I’m talking about really chunky guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. I was fortunate to have photo access at Stage AE that night. While I have shot many shows there, this one was probably the most difficult as it took place in the “Club at Stage AE”. No barricade or pit to shoot from. Just muscle your way up to the 14″ high stage and shoot a few songs. I think I may have shot about 4 or 5 songs into the set when I decided that I had gotten enough “keepers”. Take a look at the photos below and remember to keep an ear out for these guys. They just plain ROCK !!!



And below the gallery of Blackstone Cherry photos, I’ve posted the Mojo Filter video which was mostly shot during our tour of the South. I make a cameo appearance somewhere in the middle of the video….






And here’s the video….  Thanks for looking…



  1. dana Andrade February 13, 2012 at 2:31 AM #

    Great Job of everything. The pictures are AWESOME! I love it! Thanks

    • Rich February 13, 2012 at 11:58 PM #

      Thanks Dana… It was nice seeing you and Jaime. I hope these guys come back to Pittsburgh again…